User Friendly Service Interface
Powerful and configurable interface

Queue Transfer -  Transfer  customer from one  queue to another queue
Prioritise - Ability to prioritise queue 
Ability to manage multiple queues

SMS Capability
SMS notification for queue status update

Gives customer more freedom while waiting for their turn, our system can send out SMS notifications as the customer's queue number is getting near.

Management and Reporting
Live KPI monitoring

Real-time dashboards and historical reports help manage and optimize the customer journey, day-to-day and into the future.

Customer Feedback
Customizable customer survey module

Customer survey module to collect the service feedback

1. Customer takes a ticket

Customer takes a ticket using our Ticketing Kiosk, enters his mobile number (optional) for the SMS notification, hence joins the virtual queue

2. Customers checks the queue status in the digial display

Customer views the queue status in the digial display. Also gets the (optional) SMS notification.

3. Customer service representative calls the next waiting customer

Customer service representative calls the next customer and customer gets the notified for their turn

4. Customer gives the service feedback

End of the journey customer fills the customer survey form on our system

5. Real time monitoring and KPIs

Managers access real time reports and dashboards through our centralized reporting system


Patient Flow Management for
Hospitals, Clinics, Radiology
and Pathology services

Hospitality & Retail

Customer flow management for Cafes, Fast food restaurants, takeaways and retail shops

Public Sector

Client flow management for government and non govenment orgnisations


Queue management for schools, universites, collages, TAFE


About us

QRight is a Melbourne based smart technology company founded in 2017 by a group of IT professionals with extensive knowledge and background in software development and IT project management. QRight has successfully implemented numerus smart queue management projects in public and private sectors.

Why work with us?

QRight provides complete customised solutions and technical support; working with our customers step by step, helping them select the right product to solution implementation and support .Our extensive knowledge and understanding of technology and ability to provide custom solution set us apart from other companies providing similar solutions. 

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